Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chapter 7: Hot for Teacher

Allyn visits the new neighbors, the first family to move in since she came to town with Meri. The Bowman's are from L.A., and Allyn and Jasmine share a wry sense of humor, which helps break the ice.

"How are you handling the change?" Allyn asks her new friend. "Coming from the real world to Edgewater can be quite an adjustment."

"Everything is wonderful here," Jasmine says with a smile, the merry sparkle in her eyes dimming, "Everything is perfect."

"It was creepy," Allyn tells Meri later, "They were perfectly normal, and then Jasmine got all Stepford wifey. Like her personality just disappeared."

"It's the glamour," Meri explains.

"You actually glamour people to get them to live here?" Allyn is aghast. "You told me people come here of their own free will."

"I don't like it, either," Meri admits, "But the Bowmans are a special case. Aymeri says their daughter is a true dragon, which means growing up out there, without guidance from people who understand her, would be difficult for her. More than difficult, as they are prone to violence and extreme mood swings. So, they had to be brought in for the child's sake. The glamour Summerdream put on them is very mild, it just makes them not question anything."

"It's still wrong to do that to them."

Meri nods, "I agree with you. But Summerdream does what she thinks is best. Once the Bowmans have settled in and met everyone, the glamor will be lifted. By then they'll be used to green and blue skin, and magic, and all this will be normal to them."

Tamlin went to visit his cousin Aubrey after school, but Aubrey couldn't be pried away from his computer game. So Tam was left with Sylvie Summerdream, who also came to visit Aubrey and was left out in the cold. Together, they make fun of their mutual cousin.

Brynne's prom come up before she's had time to find a date. But she gets a last minute offer on the day of the prom from Raymundo Hawksquill, who had recently broken up with his long time girlfriend Tenanye Summerdream. 

Brynne expected the date to be as just friends, but over the course of the evening, she and Raymundo developed a romance, and she even had her first kiss with him.

The day after prom, she visit Raymundo after school. "I'm graduating tomorrow, you know," he says with deep regret, "I didn't mean for this...for us..."

"You haven't graduated yet," Brynne says, grabbing him before he can back away, "Don't waste our last chance worrying about tomorrow."

Raymundo graduates the next day, becoming an adult. A true Hawksquill, he can always be found with his nose in a book. All the Hawksquills either work in the Landgraab Institute as doctors or researchers, or they are teachers. Raymundo, named for the Raymundo of the famous and beloved series of children's books, chooses to go into education. 

Tamlin soends his last few hours of childhood beating on his brother Kalen with a pillow.

When his father gets home from his work at the restaurant, the family has a cake. Their cousin Avery is there because he followed Brynne home from school.

Tamlin becomes a teen.

Brynne visits Raymundo at his new house. When he invites her in, she throws her arms around him.

"Brynne, this is...awkward," Raymund says as he pulls out of her embrace, "I'm a teacher now. And you're still in school."

"You're a grade school teacher," Brynne points out, "And I'm in high school. It's not like you're my teacher."

"It's still...inappropriate," Raymundo answers, choosing his words carefully. He's always careful about words; they have their own magic, and the wrong ones can cause irreparable damage.

"I'm not going to do anything to tarnish your reputation at school," Brynne says, leading him to the couch, "We're just hanging out."

She gestures as she speaks, and Raymundo watches her words form clouds in the air above her head, always meaning more than their simple definitions.

"I'm concerned about more than my reputation, Brynne," he tells her, "You've just started high school, you should be out with kids your own age. Going on dates."

"Well, Heath Bramble is kind of cute," Brynne teases, enjoying the red flush on his cheeks.

"Heath is going steady with Maurelle Summerdream, isn't he?"

"For a grown up, you're awfully informed on high school gossip," Brynne laughs. "Anyway, I'm not interested in Heath Bramble, or in your cousin Grant, or anyone else. I'm not going to go on dates just because it's what I'm supposed to do."

"I'm not trying to set you up with anyone," Raymundo says, his blush spreading further, "I just want...You should be free. Not waiting on me."

"I am free, Ray," Brynne says, "I don't expect you to wait on me, either. But, you know, if when I graduate, we're still both free..."

"Of course," Raymundo answers, "But in the meantime, for you and I to be hanging out..."

"Tutor me," she says, "If you're helping me with school, we aren't just hanging out."

"You don't need help," Raymundo protests, but he sits beside her and looks over her homework just the same.

Raymundo Hawksquill is the son of Gysael (Goldbeard) and Ariel Hawksquill. He really did ask Brynne to prom at the last minute, she got his call just as the limo had arrived to pick her up. And atthe prom, they had their first kiss and he asked her to go steady. And then he aged up and became a teacher. Awkward. 

To report on my challenge goals: Meri only has one skill challenge in Cooking left to complete Perfectionist, to make 75 meals. He's up to 65 now.
Pretty soon I'm gong to have to build a proper legacy house. The one they are in was the best they could afford at the time, and it's been good so far. But it's a 20x20 with no room to grow. I will need an in-law suite and more rooms for hobbying and also a dedicated nursery.


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  8. Thanks, all of you!
    I'm pretty happy with how Tamlin and Raymundo turned out. Ray is the only one so far to get the haircolor: his sister Muriel got the blue skin, but the Hawksquill brown hair. Her two kids aren't showing their haircolor yet. Rezi's son has the Hawksquill brown hair and blue skin. I hope to see more of the Nero haircolor in future generations.

    And you know Becky, when I was cropping that pic of Tamlin and Kalen, I almost cropped out the photo of Sylvie on the wall. But I thought, 'Becky will notice it, and know why it's there, leave it in'. So, thanks for being you, Becky. =D

    I haven't had the time to play alternate saves for the Bowman family (and Erys, too, I have too many subplots, lol), but hopefully this weekend I will have time for that and can continue those storylines.

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