Edgewater: A History

    Once upon a time, there was a town called Riverview. Something terrible and catastrophic befell the small town, and it's inhabitants fled, taking residence in various towns and cities throughout Sim Nation. Most of them never spoke about what happened to their town that made them flee, and those who did speak of it were rarely believed.
    The official story blamed a nuclear accident, and the empty town was placed under a strict quarantine. Some journalists tried to get more information, pointing out that there was never a nuclear power plant in the town to have an accident. But a sudden eruption of political sex scandals and starlets entering rehab for their drug and alcohol problems distracted the media and nation, and Riverview was quickly was forgotten by everyone except conspiracy theorists, who pointed to MorcuCorp.
    MorcuCorp of course denies any allegations that they were ever involved with the incidents in Riverview. But once the quarantine was established, it was they, and not the Sim Nation military, that owned the town and secured its borders from trespassers. In a bunker that was once owned by Riverview resident Hunter Cottoneye, they build a secret lab, one of many such labs around the globe, where they conducted research on the fae, at the behest of Harris Landgraab's wife Cecilia, herself part fae.
    With her help, MorcuCorp scientists were able to create an alloy that could counteract fae powers. Cecilia lured Tania and Auberon Summerdream to their lab in the abandoned, promising she could help the fairy couple overcome their fertility issues. The lab, its walls coated in the new anti-fae alloy, became their prison.
    Geoffrey Landgraab, the next heir of the Landgraab fortune and CEO of MorcuCorp, the last clone made from Harris Landgraab's DNA, conspired with his clone brother Joffrey to rescue the fairy couple from the lab in exchange for their help in ridding himself of Cecilia. Once released, the powerful fae, along with their long time friends Aymeri, the last of the dragons, and Icovellauna, a water sprite, not only dealt with the traitorous Cecilia, but claimed the town of Riverview for themselves, renaming it Edgewater.

(this history recounts some of the events that occurred in my previous legacy, As the Romans Do. It also refers to the events that ended Becky's R&R Legacy, set in Riverview, which I've sort of absorbed into my canon.)

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