Edgewater: Its Inhabitants

At the start of this legacy, these are the more important families in Edgewater, in alphabetical order.

Archer: Sisters Hilary and Triana, descendants of Rio and Leliana Archer of Brooklyn Heights. (Rio Archer comes originally from Becky's R&R Legacy. I used a clone of him in my Brooklyn Heights, where he married Leliana Nightingale. The Archers all have elven ancestry, from their ancestor Randy Archer.)

Bramble: Violet and Heather Bramble, and Violet's daughter Lilac and Heather's son Cory. A pure blooded elf, Violet has spent most of her life hiding her ears from the rest of the world. Heather wasn't even aware of her fae ancestry until Violet recognized it in her. Violet was thrilled to discover a town where both she and her daughter could could live out in the open. While Heather never had any problems blending in with regular society, she loves Violet and would go anywhere to be with her.

Dayspring: Bricelle, her husband Jacelyn (a Tricou by birth) and their daughter Melusine. Their son Meri is the legacy founder. Bricelle is the granddaughter of Aymeri and Ico. Her mother Lyria married a mortal man of fae ancestry, and chose to die when he did. It was the death of their daughter that pushed Aymeri and Ico over the edge; the couple gave up on corporeal existence and retreated into the waters, their element. Neither have been seen in bodily form since, though their presence can still be felt strongly in the town.

Goldbeard: Greta and Scarlett, and their son Rezi. Their adult daughter, Gysael, is married to Ariel Hawksquill. Born in Barnacle Bay, to an elven woman who had been exiled by her people for practicing forbidden magic, Greta Goldbeard made it her life's mission to find her mother's people and discover a way to recover their former agelessness. Her husband Scarlett Archer, part elven like all his kind, and also having gnome ancestry on his mother Thalia's side, joined Greta in her wanderings. After many years or traveling with no success, Greta felt Edgewater's call, as all Sims with magical ancestry do. Somewhat disappointed to find the town heavily populated by fae, and none of her mother's people, Greta nonetheless decided to settle her family here. She and Scarlett were getting on, and their children were growing up on the road, with no friends and no connections. In Edgewater they would at least be able to live among the more magical sorts, even if they were mostly fae, and though she hadn't found her mother's people, she could work with the Landgraab Institute to help bring back the old magics.
(Greta and Scarlett are from Becky's Archers of Barnacle Bay legacy. Thank you Becky for your Sims and your help with their back story, and for the names of their children)

Hawksquill: Noam and Kayla, and their son Peter and daughter Liara. Their son Ariel is married to Gysael, daughter of Greta and Scarlett Goldbeard. The Hawksquills really like to read.

Hawksquill: Ariel and Gysael and their daughter Muriel.

Landgraab: Mallory, her husband Remy (born a Tricou), and their children Drew, Aria and Sara. Mallory's grandfather Geoffrey Landgraab turned MorcuCorp away from supernatural research, preferring to keep his company on the cutting edge of technology, and not 'poking around at mummies and fairies'. So he was none too pleased when his favorite granddaughter announced her intention to pick up on the paranormal research he'd abandoned. He passed her over as his heir, not wanting to see MorcuCorp go back down that road. But, he was always one to respect those that chose their own path rather than follow one set out for them, so he gave Mallory information about the abandoned lab in the former town of Riverview, and the money to set up her own Landgraab Institute in Edgewater. The only Sim in town with absolutely no magical ancestry, Mllory was accepted in Edgewater because she brought with her the technology to convert cars so they could run on magical energy rather than petroleum fuel. It also helped that she married a Tricou, who are all descended from Tania Summerdream;'s sister Jennicor. Sometimes Remy thinks that's the only reason she married him at all.

Summerdream: Siblings Nyx, Tansy and Erys. Tania and Auberon overcame their infertility issues and had triplets. Never the type to stay in physical form for very long, Tania and Auberon have left the running of Edgewater in their children's hands since they came of age, while they focus most of their energies on maintaining the glamour over the town that keeps regular mortals from ever discovering it, while at the same time attracting those with magical blood.
Of the three, Nyx is most devoted to her role as her mother's heir, and considers herself the current queen of the fae, even though no fae has ever admitted to having a queen. Tansy does her best to take leadership seriously, but her heart isn't it. Erys, the slacker, doesn't even put in the effort. He tends bar at the gym, and is currently dating Melusine Dayspring. The siblings are the only immortals who live in the town in physical form. Erys worries about the implications this will have on his relationship with Melusine, and any children they might have.

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