Out Takes: Generation 1

Out Takes for Generation One

Liara and Rezi Goldbeard, and their son Nicholas.

What the hell are you doing, Rezi? In front of your wife no less. I honestly have no idea what is up here, lol. All the pop ups I get about Liara and Rezi indicate they are happy together. And then I see this.

Nyx and her youngest daughter, Sylvie. After this she gets pregnant for a 4th! time, and has a son.

Pregnant Nyx outside 'city hall', playing with Shadow Cat, the Goldbeard's pet.

Playing chase.

So, I moved Aymeri and Ico in Erys and Melusine's house (I didn't save after I shot the scenes). While I was upstairs shooting pics of ERys and Melusine, Aymeri decided to scold Casey for her poor grades.
She must be thinking 'Who the hell are you?'

Best shower woohoo pic ever.

Scarlett Goldbeard feeling his daughter-in-law Liara's tummy. He lived long enough to see this grandchild born, and then he died.

Gnomes at the art museum. I place one of every type of special gnome in the museum grounds. I wanted to make a point of mentioning in the story how the gnomes appeared in Edgewater along with Scarlett Goldbeard (he was descended from a gnome in Becky's legacy) but I just haven't had the time to take Meri and Allyn to the museum to have a conversation about it. And now with Scarlett passed on, I don't know that it would come up without being forced in. So, here it is. And maybe someday the museum gnomes will make it into the story. But if not, at least these made it here.

Random pic of Meri reading a recipe.

Unused pic from Brynne's birthday party.

Tania Summerdream, my favorite recurring character. I originally never expected to use her again after gen 2 of the Roman legacy. Yet here she is.

Triana and Chance Archer at the consignment store. Tri is pregnant here.

Tansy dances at the wedding.

Casey Dayspring-Summerdream as a child.

Pregnant Nyx and her husband dancing in the consignment store. Which is apparently the place to party in Edgewater. These two fight a lot, according to SP, but this is their second child.

I didn'ty pay proper attention to the Summedream's traits when I was playing with their parents' genetics. Nyx is a party animal.

Tri uses elfin magic to keep her son aloft, hands free. Or maybe that's velcro.

Brynne playing in he toy box.

Maybe we should get curtains? (Allyn is obsessed with looking out the windows. I always thought that was a Neurotic habit, as my neurotics always do this. But Allyn is not neurotic.)

Tansy and Nyx. They (and Erys) were made by playing with their parents' genetics. But the girls both came out with identical features to Tania, while Erys is an Auberon clone, except for coloring. Tansy has Auberon's pink eyes, but Tania's skin and hair. Nyx has Auberon's hair and skin, but Tania's light grey (near white) eyes.

A meeting of the Archers. Rezi Goldbeard and Hilary Archer at the library.

Triana Archer serenades her husband at work. Chance (Stone) Archer is the consignment guy. my register setting allows residents to take role jobs.

Yes, I noticed you were singed.


  1. Rezi was obviously just... dared to do that. o.o

    Liara and Rezi are very, very cute together.

  2. It turns out that Jessica, the woman Rezi was kissing, has the Inappropriate trait, and they will up and kiss Sims like that, inappropriately. That's actually how Thierry and Amelia had their first kiss as teens, he just came to her house and laid one on her.