Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chapter 2: Dangerous Creatures

He is a man, and she is a woman, and they lay together, cuddled, in the moments after they've made love, before they make love again, as they do in these long afternoons before he has to leave for work. In this moment, everything seems as normal and regular as Allyn expected life to be. Perhaps more so, as she had never truly expected her own life would take such a standard path. And it hadn't, of course, life took her here, to Egewater, where no one is completely human, where all the tales she once thought of as folklore made their home.

"Tell me again," she sighs, tucking her head beneath his chin. The stories Meri tells her never made it into the books she read, were part of no mortal fairy canon, just as the stories she grew up with have no place here. 

"Which one?" he asks.

"Aymeri and Ico," she answers, wrapping her arm round his waist, listening to his heart beat while he tells her again the story of his great-grandparents, a dragon and a water sprite who fell in love, were parted by tragedy and came together again. When he gets to the part of their reunion in the caves around Ico's sacred spring, Allyn lifts her head. "Stop," she says, "Let's leave them there, happy."

"All right," Meri agrees, "But I don't think they are unhappy now. They are just tired of living like this, attached to bodies."

It's hard to imagine immortality as a burden, but in the stories, those who pursue it are often punished, and those who have it are never as happy about it as one would think, and are even jealous of the quick life of mortals, full of passion and drama.

"I spoke with Nyx yesterday," Allyn says quietly. The conversation has been in her thoughts since, intruding on her peace.

"You're on a first name basis with her now?" Meri asks, his voice bitter.

"Don't worry, I know her type," Allyn says, soothing him with a caress, "She wants to befriend me to drive a wedge between us. But that doesn't mean there isn't some truth to what she says."

"And what did she say that's got you so worried?"

"She said I put you in danger by being with you. That it's in the nature of a fox spirit to drain her lovers until they are dead. Like some kind of psychic energy vampire. Everything I've read about them confirms what she says." Allyn's interest in folklore had not extended so far as Asia, but as soon as she learned of her own heritage as a descendant of a fox spirit, she plunge into this new field of study to learn about herself.

"How many lovers have you killed?" Meri asks.

"Well, none, but..." But she was just a teenager, and she'd never stuck around long enough, "From what I've read, the fox spirit would form a relationship with her...prey...and feed from his energy over time, until he had none left. And now that I know what it is, I recognize it, I do get a kind of...charge...from sex." Allyn blushes as she says this; though she's not usually shy about talking about sexual matters, this is both creepy and embarrassing.

Meri rolls on top of her, "You are more than just a fox sprit, love," he says, "And I'm not some defenseless mortal." His eyes, always bright, almost unnaturally blue, take on a glow, and Allyn feels power surging through his skin, into hers, "You aren't the most dangerous creature in this bed," he says, "I am made of the energy you feed on. Take as much as you like, I will always have more."

Meri has tried a few times to talk to his sister on Erys' behalf. Or at least to find out from her why she won't accept his calls, but Melusine had been hiding away from everyone. When she finally called, it was tell her brother he was now an uncle.

Erys is still in shock, learning of child only on the day she was born. As much Melusine wants to avoid him, she can't keep her daughter from her father.

Meri brings Allyn to visit, and meet his new niece, Casey. Allyn watches him with the infant, and a new longing stirs within her.

The new father takes Meri aside as soon as he gets a chance. "She says she doesn't want an immortal husband," Erys tells him, glancing over to where Melusine and Allyn are getting acquainted, "She doesn't want her mortal children to have an immortal father. But I don't see how shutting me out now can help that."

"Give her some time," Meri suggests.

"Time," Erys sighs, "I have all of it, but she has so little. And now my daughter...she'll grow up, grow old and die, and leave me with grandchildren that will do the same. Maybe Melusine is right, and I should let her go. But how? When I love her so much, and I know she loves me. How will spending the time we have apart be any better than spending it together?"

Meris doesn't have answer for him. Such thoughts crossed his mind when he'd been dating Nyx, but he'd never had any solution to them, nor did Nyx seem overly worried about their future. Her interest in him was about his status as a Dayspring, descendant of Ico and Aymeri, her own parents' friends and the co-founders of Edgewater. To Nyx, they were royal families who should naturally form alliances of marriage. What would it matter to her if he died, so long as he left her with a child to carry on his lineage? "Tell her that,"Meri suggests, "Keep telling her."

While her brother talks with Erys, Melusine questions her brother's new lover, a fox spirit of all things. 

"Meri's a kind, sweet man," she says, "You'd better not break his heart, fox."

Allyn smiles, tucking her head in to hide her laughter. Meri is kind and sweet, too, at the right moments. But his sister doesn't know him as well as Allyn has come to know him. "Meri is a lot more than that," she says, "And I'm not a fox, I'm a woman. I'm not out to break his heart, I can promise you that."

"Oh, blessed stars, it's been broken for years!" Tansy Summerdream exclaims when Allyn repairs her old stereo for her, "No magic could cure it. But you did it. Thank you! I'll be forever in your debt!"

"It wasn't that big of a deal," Allyn insists, but to Tansy the quick repair job was some kind of miracle.

The evening grows late, Allyn puts her book down to look out the window, knowing he'll be home any minute now.

It gives her a weird thrill to see him pull in and walk to their door every night.

"I got a promotion," he tells her, embracing her as soon as he's in the door.

"And I've got something for you," he says, dropping onto his knee and bringing out a ring. "Will you marry me?"

Allyn accepts without hesitation.

The couple celebrates their engagement.

Meri brings the good news to his parents. Little Casey has grown into a toddler.

Allyn tells Tansy about her engagement when she runs into her at the consignment shop.

Tansy grabs her into an affectionate hug. "I'm so happy for you two," she gushes, "Meri really deserved something like this. I'm so glad he brought you here. Even if it was tweaking the rules."

Allyn returns the hug, happy to not have her motives questioned. "I hope you'll come to the wedding," she extends an invitation, hoping that's not against any unwritten fairy etiquette. 

"Of course I'll come!" Tansy exclaims, "I'm your friend. I'd be very put out if you didn't invite me."

Allyn thinks of a few stories that told of dire consequences when people forgot to invite fairies to important occasions, and she's glad she spoke up. "Thank you, Tansy," she says, "I've never really had a friend before."

"Well, that's typical for foxes," Tansy says, "Many lovers, few friends."

Allyn wants to protest, she's not a fox, but Tansy's description certainly fits her well enough. Until now, anyway. "I'm still learning what a fox spirit even is," Allyn says, "I'm more than that, though."

"We tend to do that here, label everyone into neat categories based on the dominant traits in their ancestry. But of course, you aren't really a fox spirit. I can't imagine a true fox staying here, without any real prey. They never spent much time in the fae realm, either, when there was one, preferring to live amongst the mortals," Tansy says, surprising Allyn with her seriousness. Then she smiles, becoming the more familiar version of herself, "I'm glad we can be friends, though! Nyx scares everyone who try to get close to us away. But she doesn't scare you, I can tell."

Because my starting population is so small, I guess, SP has decided to knock everyone up. Pregnancy for everyone! There have been a few marriages, but Melusine and Erys remain partners but unmarried. We'll see how that goes. *trying not to interfere*

I keep forgetting to post traits.
Meri is: Hopeless Romantic, Natural Cook, Loves the Outdoors, Green Thumb, Perfectionist
Allyn is: Neat, Handy, Loves the Outdoors, Good Sense of Humor, Born Salesman


  1. Lol, Soon you'll have babies everywhere!

    Ugh, what a depressing situation Erys is in. Why are some fae Immortal when some are not? I'm curious about that so I'm definitely looking forward to your lore page.

    I'm Allyn found and friend and can't wait to see her's and Meri's wedding. =]

  2. The only immortal ones are Nyx, Tansy and Erys, because their parents are both full-blooded fae. Everyone else is at least part human, and that's all it takes to make them mortal.

    And the elves also are mortal, something I've adopted from Becky's legacy (The Archers) because most of the elven types in my town came originally from her legacy, where they've lost their agelessness.
    I should get to work on a lore page explaining all this. This weekend probably.

    1. Okay, so ONLY full-blooded fae are immortal. I look forward to your lore page. =]

    2. Yeah, it's like that mostly so I can keep the number of immortal types down. Town populations can get out of control, and when you have undying, or even really long lived Sims like vampires around and breeding, it just gets to be too much. So I have three immortal siblings and everyone else is part human and therefore mortal to make it easy on me.
      And so I've misunderstood Becky's elves and their immortality, lol. But that's okay, I'll still have my elves be mortal. I'll go with a Dragon Age type explanation, their elves lost their immortality due to contact with humans. That's probably how I got Becky's elves confused, lol, too much DA lore in my head.

  3. If my boyfriend started to glow, I'd probably run away screaming. Despite how long we've known each other. So props for keeping your head, Allyn. =P

    A note for Jessica: "The elves" in my legacies are ageless, but the ones who actually appeared in my story were either part human (and thus likely/possibly "mortal" depending on how far down the line they are), or cursed to have a human's lifespan (a curse that apparently carried onto their offspring). Greta's mother was an ageless halfling but ended up cursed because she did something bad. And at this point it's unclear whether the original Randy Archer was a pureblooded one or not.

    1. I'll have to check out your legacy. I don't know how I missed it. It sounds great! I'll have to catch up on it this weekend. =]

  4. If Becky will remember though Randy lived to be like 2 bajillion years old by the time he'd used up all his death flowers though. : P I miss Randy now... wait. Wrong legacy.

    Casey is beautiful and I love that she inherited Ico's hair. I was so happy to see that. I'm glad Allyn is adjusting so well and I can't wait for the wedding.

    I dunno if I love Tansy or Erys more... Erys stole my heart when he made his first appearance in his underwear, but Tansy is just adorable. I really just wanna make a doll of her or something.

  5. The death flowers thing was me being an idiot, unable to let go of the first sims I had aging turned on for. Also it irked me, that sims died when their grandchildren were toddlers, when I personally had been raised by great-grandparents. (Thanks to my third cousin, they are now great-great grandparents, as well.)

    Randy did have an "elfy" love for gardening, though. So we can just say that was significant, and never speak of this again. xD None of my other sims managed to grow death flowers (because I didn't let them... but still).

    Randy also used an omniplant to grow robots I think? *cough*

    Sorry, on topic. I liked that Ico's hair passed down as well. Forgot to comment on it. And I LOVE the consignment shop, especially the pics of it in the out-takes. <3 I want to see more of it!

    And I liked the weird thrill Allyn got, seeing her husband return home each night. Like an unconscious satisfying of her fox instinct, "yesss... I've lured him back, he's so mine."

    That may not have been the vibe you were going for though, lol.

    Of the Summerdreams, Nyx is my favorite.

  6. Here's a pic of Casey closer up for you guys.I hate that freckles don't pass, you have to add them yourself.

    I'll get more pics of the consignment shop. I had a lot of fun decorating it. Crap everywhere!

    That weird thrill thing is actually based on me. When Scott and first moved in together, I'd get a little tingly around the time I was expecting him home from work. And even after all this time, when I hear our truck pull up, I'm all a tingle. So when Allyn got up to look out the window right when Meri was coming home, it felt like I knew that moment, even though it was really just some stupid Sim thing (she is obsessed with the windows). But I'm just as happy with it reading as a fox thing.

    I love hearing which Summerdream is everyone's favorite. They are set to not age, so I expect them to be around this legacy for the full 10 generations (hoping for 10 generations in the same town, here).
    A Tansy doll would make me very happy. I'm picturing like a whole set of Summerdream Barbies.

  7. Fixing Tansy's stereo. I love it.

    I'm so excited to see their babies!

  8. I would love to see a lore page melissa!

    I love how Meri will be able to "feed" Allyn for as much as she needs!

    And I know exactly what you mean when you talk about that thrill! I used to have that with my husband as well, whenever he'd enter the room, back when we were still dating.

    My favorite summerdream has got to be Erys! And the following picture is why
    It's just hilarious!

  9. @Giga, I'm pretty excited about spawn, too. I rolled for 3, so I'll have a nice batch to choose an heir from, without being overwhelmed by toddler raising. I can't decide whose hair I want to see for the heir. And there's also the chance of getting Meri's parents' hair colors. They are elder gray now, but Bricelle's natural color is Ico's, and Melusine has their father's haircolor, kind of purplish.
    It's funny, Aymeri's kids and grandkids tended to look a lot like him in my last legacy, but when I played with his and Ico's genetics to make a daughter and the two grandkids, Ico's features tended to dominate. Which is just as well, Aymeri's nose, as much as I love it, was a prominent feature on every one of my heirs after him, so it's nice to have something different.

    @ Klev. I'm fond of Erys too. But I love slacker guys who go around in their underwear.